Total Jordan

Immediately after planting its roots in the Kingdom in 2007, Total Jordan set out to revolutionize the disorganized mom-and-pop “gas stations” across the country.

In March 2009, Total established its first station, introducing the Jordanian market to safer, cleaner and innovative service stations.

Today, the sole international oil and gas company in the Kingdom remains a trend-setter in terms of safety, innovation and customer service.

High standards are now the norm throughout Total’s network of more than 170 service stations. The company’s efforts have created a ripple effect across the sector and the whole industry, raising the bar for - and inspiring - the entire industry in less than a decade.

Total introduced Jordanians to pioneering services such as TOTALCARD, DAFA TOTAL (heating fuel delivery to homes) and Quartz Auto Care Lubricants Bays, all of which have made customers’ experiences easier. Innovation is one of Total’s main drivers as the company continues to provide products and services that conform to customers’ requirements by listening to their suggestions and feedback. Most recently Total unveiled its new Total Wash, offering the customer state-of-the-art automatic and Jet wash services for faster and environment friendly car washes.

Furthermore, Total offers products and services to various organizations in numerous sectors such as mining, construction, industrial, hospitality, transportation, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, education, governmental and much more.

Through Total Card Services, Total equips organizations with tools to efficiently manage and control small and large fleets as fleet managers are able to monitor vehicle consumption, gain control over fleet fueling activities, and boost security practices.

Total Jordan has been awarded with the ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certificates, which reflect the company’s commitment to professionalism, safety and security, as well as health and environmental protection.

Total is particularly keen on contributing to the sustainable development of neighboring communities, with a focus on human, economic and social issues. The company’s road safety program has benefited over 12,000 students in 90 public schools throughout the Kingdom.

Total’s commitment to the environment has led the company to create a renewable energy division.

Here in Jordan, Total has equipped three of its service stations with solar panels that will meet more than 70 percent of their energy needs. Plans are underway to switch more stations to solar energy in the future.

As a responsible global energy company, Total has made environment protection and community engagement an integral part of its strategy. From ensuring people’s safety and security to meeting the challenges of climate change and strengthening the company’s integration into local communities, as well as acting in a sustainable and responsible manner every day. This is what being committed to better energy is all about.