Spectrum International for Renewable Energy

Launched in 2012, Spectrum International for Renewable Energy offers high-end renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions.

The company is 100% fully owned by Al-Eqbal Investment Co. PLC (EICO); one of the most successful publicly traded companies on the Amman Stock Exchange with a net profit of 37,400 Million JoD in 2016.

Spectrum provides a wide range of quality services that vary from energy audits and efficiency, to the construction and financing of utility scale renewable-energy projects, specifically solar. The company aims to be a leading EPC contractor and developer in the region, however, it’s vision expands to more than solar; encompassing wind, storage, wasteto- energy and other sectors under the “Green” umbrella. Ultimately, as a company, Spectrum strives to minimize its customers’ carbon footprint, to protect the environment and finally, to help the country gain independence from foreign and traditional sources of energy.

Spectrum brings together a young group of highly talented engineers and professionals that collectively combine the fields of Finance, Engineering & Design, Business Strategy and Public Service; thus, creating a complete entrepreneurial environment with the necessary elements for success. Spectrum believes that human capital is its greatest asset and considers team spirit and cohesiveness crucial to growth and accomplishment.

At Spectrum, an open and flexible working environment is maintained, and thereby promoting creativity and technical ingenuity while always holding professional integrity and dedication to clients at the utmost importance.

Ultimately, the company’s Business Model provides the most optimized solution to its clients, taking intoconsideration the aspects of Design,Material Selection and Overall Approach. This is achievable through in-house know-how and experience which is an absolute requirement for efficient project management and completion. This, coupled with the strong financial backing of Al-Eqbal (the mother company), positions Spectrum to be a leading entity in the sector. The company’s success has enabled the creation of key strategic alliances throughout the value chain, from financiers and manufacturers to leading developers and contractors. These relationships have further strengthened Spectrum’s position as a key player.

Spectrum is currently developing projects inside and outside Jordan. 2016 was an exciting time for the company; continuously adding to the growing list of select clientele. Amongst these key additions were the “King Hussein Business Park”, “The Royal Hashemite Court” and the “Bank of Jordan”. The company enters 2017 with a healthy pipeline and is determined to continue its successful growth while maintaining the high level of professionalism and devotion to its clients.

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