SatchNet Electronic Systems

SatchNet Electronic Systems is a leading Jordanian Company in the field of Integrated Control and Monitoring Systems (Building Management & Automation Systems), energy services and energy efficiency control products, and has been in business for over twelve years. SatchNet is a subsidiary of E2E Integrated Solutions; a leading clean tech solutions provider.

SatchNet high level of technical knowledge, its trained staff and distinguished service have qualified the company to execute so many projects including hotels, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings, factories, airports, and others. SatchNet has twenty three engineers and highly skilled technicians holding 6 CEM, 2 CMVP and 4 CEA certificates.

SatchNet follows an intelligent approach by continuous monitoring of facilities to better optimize their operation and maintenance management, which will continually reduce energy and operational cost as well as raise the efficiency of connected assets, and will lead to economic, social and environmental- sustainability of the facility for its whole life cycle.

The heart of SatchNet’s intelligent approach is the implementation of state-of-the art products, coupled with the company’s professional team who work side-by side with clients and suppliers to develop and fully customize solutions to meet facilities exact needs, and delivering reliable connectivity and functionality based on the world’s international standards.

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