Kawar Energy

Kawar Energy is a member of Kawar Group, which consolidated the group’s investments in the energy sector and allowed it to expand into innovative areas, particularly renewable energy.

Its core mandate is bringing clean, green and sustainable energy solutions; helping Jordan and the region reduce energy bills and carbon footprint, while maintaining a positive socioeconomic and environmental impact. The company cooperates with the world’s leading companies in Solar PV/CPV, Thermal, Wind and Bio-fuels.

Kawar Energy is the developer of Shams Ma’an, valued at $US170 million, which has attracted world class investors such as Mitsubishi Corporation’s subsidiary Diamond Generating Europe with 35% stake and similarly Nebras Power, which is owned by Qatar’s Electricity and Water Company and Qatar Petroleum at 35%. Kawar Group retained 30% of the company for the life of the project. Financial close was achieved in January 2015 with Japanese entities led by JBIC, Mizuho and NEXI.

Developing Shams Ma’an over the past 5½ years – Kawar Energy gained a unique insight and unparalleled experience required to design and build PV power plants at such scale, with all the intricate details. The plant was commissioned on October 10th, 2016.

Between 2015 and 2016, Kawar Energy built and commissioned the largest two MV utility connected PV plants in Aqaba with a total capacity of 5.91 MWp; a plant under the net-metering system with a total capacity of 3.30 MWp and a plant implementing the wheeling system with a capacity of 2.61 MWp.

The in-depth knowledge and expertise in solar electric photovoltaic (PV) technology uniquely positions Kawar Energy to design and engineer top-of the-line systems. Kawar Energy does not assemble parts to build capacity (kW), but optimizes and engineers best-of-the breed components into a system capacity, designed to maximize energy output (kWh), safely, and reliably for more than 20 years.

The regional and local practical experience, coupled with solid knowledge of Jordan’s topography, location-specific solar irradiation and detailed meteorological parameters empower Kawar Energy to produce commercially-viable system designs and fast-deployable solutions using PV technology whether Crystalline or Thin Film.

Kawar Energy covers the entire range of PV-solar project development phases from Planning, Design & Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Ongoing Operations and Maintenance.

Kawar Energy designs every project based on the location and surroundings taking into consideration the requirements of its clients. The engineering team conducts detailed surveys and accordingly tailors specific solutions that offer the best-of-breed technology from the top suppliers in the world at the most competitive prices without binding the clients to a single brand or product.

Some of the values that define the business conduct of Kawar Energy are innovation, commitment to excellence, integrity, reliability and social responsibility.

• Shams Ma’an (Capacity: 52.5 MW Power Plant). • Ayla Oasis Development Co. Project / Ayla 40 (Capacity: 3.2 MWp). • Yarmouk Universiry (Capacity: 3 MWp). • Dead Sea Spa Hotel (Capacity: 3 MWp). • Ayla Oasis Development Co. Project / Oasis 24 (Capacity: 2.6 MWp). • Bank alEtihad (Capacity: 1.633 MWp). • ABC Bank (Capacity: 1.6 MWp). • Petra University0 (Capacity: 1.6 MWp). • Al Quds College (Capacity: 1.1 MWp). • Prime Ministry (Capacity: 556 KWp).

Shams Ma’an Power Generation Company