Jordan Tractor and Equipment Co.

Jordan Tractor and Equipment Co. (JTEC) was established in 1953 as the sole dealer in Jordan for Caterpillar Inc, the world leader in manufacturing and support of a complete range of reliable, durable, highly productive, cost effective machines and equipment for the Mining Aggregation, Building, Construction Military, Municipality, Industrial, Marine Agriculture, Tourism and Hospitality sectors.

Caterpillar products include Gas Generator Sets, capable of operating on a wide range of gases and biogases; Micro Grid Solutions, consisting of Solar Panels, Wind Turbine, Storage
Batteries, Advanced Controllers and Standby Gensets.

JTEC dedicated and customers focused Services & Support covers the whole Life Cycle of the Equipment.

It starts with the selection process, to best match equipment to fulfill your requirements at the lowest cost, and continues through installation, start-up operation management, maintenance management, repair management and eventually the complete rebuild or replace options.

In addition to the Caterpillar dealership, JTEC is the authorized dealer in Jordan for world class brands John Deere Agricultural Tractors & Combiners, Sandvik Crushers, Sullair Air Compressors, Allmand Light Towers.

• Caterpillar generator sets (Diesel, Gas, BioGas). • Caterpillar Microgrid & PV systems. • Caterpillar Machines. • John Deere (Agricultural Tractors & Combiners). • Sandvik (Crushers). • Sullair (Air Compressors). • Allmand (Light Towers).