Firas Balasmeh Corporation for Control Systems (FB GROUP)

FB GROUP ( is a Jordanian engineering corporation established in 2010, which provides services for business organizations which need to find quality vendors of reliable solutions
and services, as trusted allies. S

Services provided are design, engineering, supplying, installation, commissioning, testing, training and maintenance. FB GROUP business lines are Renewable Energy Solutions, Automation & Control Solutions, Process & Instrumentations Solutions, Hydrometric & Environmental Solutions, Education & Training Solutions, Power & Energy Solutions, Communication & Advanced Systems, Aerospace & Aviation Solutions, Electrical, Construction Rehabilitation & Maintenance Works, and Medical Devices & Systems.

FB GROUP is considered one of the leaders in the renewable energy sector in Jordan. The company designs, develops and delivers innovative renewable energy solutions that produce an optimum system, making sure of providing quality and cost effective services to it valuable clients.

The vision of FB GROUP is to successfully advance renewable energy into the Jordanian markets, working with developers to make the process commercially viable for all concerned. Based on that belief, FB GROUP has engrossed itself with all what renewable sources have to offer for producing energy. The company provides both solutions and services to make them useful to businesses.

FB GROUP is especially focused on providing integrated network systems and services. Its services include specifications services, developing, pre-engineering, design, integration, upgrade, modifications, installations, testing and commissioning, support, training and operation and maintenance.

Business Lines
• Renewable Energy Solutions. • Hydrometric & Environmental Solutions. • Process & Instrumentations Solutions. * Education & Training Solutions. • Electrical, Construction. Rehabilitation & Maintenance Works. • Power & Energy Solutions. • Automation & Control Solutions. • Communication & Advanced Systems. • Aerospace & Aviation Solutions. • Medical Devices & Systems.