ETA-max Energy & Environmental Solutions

Established in 2011, ETA-max is a regional leader in the development of turn-key solar photovoltaic systems which provides a safe, reliable, maintenance-free and environmentfriendly source of power with a
typical life cycle of 25 years.

Since its establishment, ETA-max has worked hard to earn the trust of the local market and has been able to provide its services to an impressive and diverse list of clients. With more than 6 MW of installed capacity, ETAmax has designed and built more operational roof-top PV projects than any other company in Jordan. Today, ETA-max is in the right position to offer its hard-gained experience to contribute to the development of emerging solar markets in the region.

ETA-max team has the engineering capability and the technical experience to design, deliver and operate a full suite of grid-connected and off-grid solar photovoltaic systems that range from small residential systems, to medium and large-scale power systems for commercial, educational, and industrial facilities.

In October 2016, ETA-max team was awarded the Best Innovative Energy Project of the Year Award at the AEE 39th World Energy Engineers Congress in Washington DC for its innovative design and implementation of a 197 kWp on grid PV system for a commercial facility in Amman, Jordan.

ETA-max is proud of its partnership with an international network of world-leading technology developers which enables the company to offer local and regional clients a wide range of premium quality, high-output, and cost-effective solar photovoltaic systems In addition to its core business model as an EPC for solar PV systems, ETA-max has a well-established reputation in providing energy auditing and energy management solutions.

At ETA-max, the qualified and certified energy management team is equipped with the latest measurement equipment and devices to conduct professional and detailed energy audits. The results of ETA-max findings and recommendations are summarized in a final audit report.ETA-max has a successful track record in this regard with clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, and in Jordan.

ETA-max firmly believes in the importance of passing along technical knowledge, best practices, and other key findings to people who can put this proven expertise to work. ETA-max experts are local and regional leaders in the education of principles and advanced applications of energy efficiency and renewable energy. The company develops and delivers specialized in-house energy training courses and workshops that are conducted through a variety of modern training approaches, and using the latest available tools and educational materials.ETA-max training programs are tailor-made to meet the specific needs and expectations of its clients, and the pre-qualifications and experience of their staff. The training programs at ETA-max cover theoretical, technical, and practical elements, and include real-world case studies reflecting current challenges faced by clients.

ETA-max, brings its experience, expertise, creativity and commitment not only to achieve its clients’ goals but to exceed their expectations through self-set standards of professional services. ETA-max always aims at and sustains genuine partnerships with its clients, associates, and colleagues to open the door for expanded opportunities for better services and continuous development.

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