Founded in Abu Dhabi, in 2007, to serve the Middle East and North African solar market, Enviromena became a pioneer in building the first grid connected utility scale photovoltaic plant in the Middle East.

Enviromena delivers turnkey solar power solutions with a focus on utility scale, grid connected projects. It has successfully completed PV projects in nine different countries and is the largest regional solar PV installer with an extensive base installed capacity.

Enviromena’s current portfolio of projects under execution demonstrates its continued success.

Enviromena has been providing O&M services for many of the installed PV projects installed.

Among the strengths of Enviromena is it proven experience within the unique MENA market and the largest installed capacity in the region. The company has the largest specialist team of local engineers and project managers, of which 50% of engineering and project staff are native Arabic speakers with an experience and deep understanding of the local codes and standards.

Enviromena has a track record of successfully working with regional utilities on first gridconnected PV projects. The company also has a proven subcontractor strategy for countries with no utility scale PV installations, offering a full EPC wrap with international standard warranties and performance guarantees.

Enviromena’s core capabilities enable it to offer clients a fully integrated, turnkey solution by relying on its in-house capabilities to ensure the highest level of quality, safety and efficiency and long-term operation and maintenance services. Enviromena services cover development, design, installation and O&M.

Enviromena has attracted a broad base of local and international investors, including some of the world’s leading venture capital firms. The company remains committed to delivering clean energy throughout the MENA region.

Germany (11.7 MWp), Morocco (3.7 MWp), Mauritania (15.0 MWp), Egypt (17.5 MWp), Jordan (7.6 MWp / 103 MWp under construction), Oman (0.7 MWp), UAE (14 MWp), Qatar (2.6 MWp), Kuwait (0.2 MWp).