CitySpark Energy (CSE) Ltd.

CitySpark Energy (CSE) Ltd. is an eco-friendly energy solutions providers established in the beginning of 2013 by a group of renewable energy professionals. CSE Ltd. was founded on the basis of providing Jordan with Quality Renewable Energy Products and services. CSE ltd. aims to be leading in Jordan and the region in providing excellent services and professional, well trained and accredited Engineers. With a team of qualified Engineers and experts sitting on the board of City Spark; the company’s main aim is to evolve the region and act as a main player in the Renewable Energy Market.

With head offices in Jordan, CSE Ltd. specializes in renewable energy systems, including Photovoltaic system and Energy Utilization & Management. The company’s partners are international leading companies dedicated to developing and managing renewable energy solutions around the globe.

With referenced installations on medium to small scale projects, CSE Ltd. installed a total of 6.5MWp of projects in Jordan. Projects cover Amman, Ma’an, Karak, Tafila Madaba and Mafraq.

With top quality products and perfected engineering, CSE Ltd. focuses on quality installations and professional after service support. The company is known for its attention to details and quality finish of installation.

Among its references, CSE Ltd. installed ground mounted, roof top and parking structure tailored to the need of its clients. The company has also custom built off-grid and water pumping solutions to clients in remote areas.

A very well established board consists of ex-ministers and businessmen that oversee CSE Ltd.; whilst the company is managed by young leaders in the industry who have graduated from leading universities in Germany, England and USA and who hold multiple certificates and degrees in the renewable energy field.