Associations related to Energy, Water & Environment

Jordan Green Building Council (GBC)

Jordan Green Building Council (GBC) is a not for profit, non-governmental organization. Jordan GBC is among 103 green building councils around the world, established as part of the MENA region in 2009, reporting to the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Social Development, and chairing the MENA Region. It is the reference for the green building ecosystem in Jordan, promoting and advocating for the adoption of Green Building Practices in all phases of the building process. Jordan GBC works on different projects at the national and international levels.

Jordan GBC operates according to three pillars. The Green Academy – GBC’s technical and educational arm; the Outreach pillar which strives to reach out to the largest number of members of the society; and the membership pillar, considered the most integral stage of engaging the community, whereby members become part of a network of industry leaders and pioneers, collectively championing the green building
cause and accelerating the development and adoption of best practices. For further information, visit


Energy Conservation and Sustainable Environment

E-case Society was established in 2004 in Amman, Jordan, and is run by a board of seven experts in various fields including Engineering, Environment, Biology, Media, Education and Geology.

The society’s objectives are to save energy and reduce emissions by encouraging the use of thermal insulation in buildings, water harvesting, recycling and passive design in buildings of different functions; to control vehicle and sound pollution through raising public opinion and through legal action; to seek different means of renewable clean energy technologies to reduce consumption in households electrical and energy bills by introducing solar energy, geothermal heat, passive architectural design, water and energy saving devices … etc; and to educate the public on the importance of the environmentally safe technologies and their necessity for a safer future.

Over the years, the activities of E-case Society have been mainly technical and educational; by participating in and supervising of existing revised codes of practice on water and energy, as well as organizing workshops on energy saving and renewable energies at various institutions including the industry. E-case Society can be contacted at [email protected] or visit the E-case website at


Renewable Energy Establishments Society (REES)

REES was established in May 2014 within the purview of the Ministry of Environment to provide an umbrella for companies, with the purpose of defending their interests and improving the renewable energy market. REES works closely with governmental offices, as well as electricity distribution companies, to better serve consumers. REES has actively participated in establishing the Coalition of Energy Services Associations “CESA”. Among its main goals is to set criteria for service companies, covering staff qualifications and performance standards, thus insuring real energy savings.

REES plans in 2017 include improving its membership in society and to concentrate on reputable and well established companies; improving public awareness of renewable energy with the purpose of increasing
the share of renewable energy in the energy mix in residential, business and industrial sectors; improving official procedures and simplifying the set of requirements imposed by government regulatory agencies and electricity companies; further developing the accreditation program “ETEMAD”, established by CESA to better serve the community. You can contact REES at telephone 0799417272 or at [email protected].