Welcome to " Who’s Who in Jordan's Energy, Water & Enviroment 2017 "

Who’s Who in Jordan’s Energy, Water & Environment 2017 published by MediaScope is the first directory of these sectors in Jordan. This website includes the contents of this book, published in April 2017.

Who’s Who in Jordan’s Energy, Water & Environment 2017 includes detailed profiles of twenty nine of Jordan’s leading institutions in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Conventional Energy and other sectors who participated in this publication by reserving these profiles.

The profiles are presented in a unique format that includes facts and figures about each company, its services, its profile text, group companies and partners, photos of selected projects they have carried out, plus names and photos of its key persons and board of directors. Some of these companies have also reserved Project Sheets, which provide a detailed look at certain projects they have completed.  

This publication also includes a comprehensive, but summarized listing of all other Energy, Water & Environment companies and organizations in the country.

For more information on this publication click here. We hoping that you benefit from utilizing the 2017 edition of Who’s Who in Jordan’s Energy, Water & Environment 2017.

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (RE & EE) Conventional & Alternative Energy Supporting Services Others